After finishing school young Anemogiannis worked for a year for his father trying in vain to show some interest for accounts and checks. The wealthy businessman from Myrtia tried to teach his son the secrets of commerce before sending him to study abroad, unaware of the fact that life had something else in stock for him.
In the autumn of 1937, George Anemogiannis left for Vienna, where, in an effort to satisfy his father, he enrolled to a commercial school. However, he soon dropped out of it in order to study chemistry at the university. His passion for the arts, though, led him to another direction. Once again, he dropped out of university and dedicated himself to his true passion. Therefore leaving chemistry labs he found himself working on theatrical models and costumes at the Max Reinhardt Seminar, where Otto Niedermoser, one of the leading scenographers of the German-speaking theatre was giving classes. At the same time, Anemogiannis was attending decoration classes at Kunst Geverbe Schule in Vienna and Spezialschule fur Buhnebild with professor Rottmayer at the Polytechnic of Vienna. He graduated from both schools in 1938 with two degrees in scenography.
The city of Vienna itself provided the budding scenographer in the beginning of his career with rich supplies, being a school on its own. During his three-year stay at the Austrian capital he made the most of this full of artistic stimuli city, visiting museums and historical monuments and at the same time going to the theatre and opera as often as possible. But Vienna also offered him another gift: the chance to be around artists that excelled at that point the international scene including among others Maragarita Perra, Eleni Nikolaidi, Vasos Argyris and many more.