The Museum, which is nowadays a "pilgrimage" to the great writer, was created by G. Anemogiannis almost from scratch, with the assistance of friends and mostly with the assistance of the second wife of the writer, Helen Kazantzakis.
The idea of museum establishing was born in 1976, when the popular scene designer visited the "HALL KAZANTZAKIS" for the first time, in Historical Museum of Crete, Heraklion. Anemogiannis convinced that the limited exhibition space is not proportional of an author with worldwide recognition, he decided to create a spiritual house, that present all the aspects of the great writer.
So, he granted the abandoned house of his family to community of Myrtia -place of origin of Nikos Kazantzakis- in order to accommodate his vision. When later the building work on the reconstruction of the ruined building started, Anemogiannis oversees the process, while in the same time deals with the laborious process of collecting Kazantzakis material. His research starts from libraries, archives and bookshops in Greece and then he expands his research on abroad. Sending 3000 letters to countries in Asia, Europe and North and South America, he manages to gather numerous documentaries from the ends of the world about the work and the author himself. The dedication to his purpose and the ceaseless quest for many years, has resulted in the creation of a priceless collection, which first becomes accessible to the public in 1983, with the inauguration of the Museum. Three years later, Anemogiannis will receive honorary award from the Academy of Athens for his contribution to establishment of the museum.