George Anemogiannis was born on the 15th of December, 1916, in Heraklion, Crete, on the day of Saint Eleftherios, in honor of which he received his second name, Lefteris. He was the offspring of a bourgeois family. His father, the businessman and landowner Antonis Anemogiannis, from Myrtia, was a distant relative and friend of Nikos Kazantzakis.
He had a carefree childhood and adolescence living in a beautiful neo-classical two-storey building on the contemporary 25th of August Street, at the centre of Heraklion. That house, which had a major impact on his aesthetics- as cited by Anemogiannis himself at a later point-, formed an elegant setting from which his first artistic impulses came. Actually, it was there where he received his first drawing lessons from his mother, as well as his primary education. Following the habits of bourgeois families of that time he was home schooled for the first four years of primary school, and after that he was sent to the private school Sifakis Palladium Lyceum to finish it.
At the time he had to start high school he chose one with a focus on applied sciences because of the drawing lessons it offered. This decision of his influenced significantly his professional orientation, especially when his drawing teacher asked him to create a 3D model of the setting of Oscar Wilde's Salome. As Anemogiannis puts it "Fate was knocking on the door". His scenographic juvenilia experienced special honors since just a few weeks after its presentation at the school fair it was published in the literary magazine Estia.