In late 1980, Anemogiannis has already completed half a century in entertainment business∙ however, despite his advanced age, he will continue to serve the theater tirelessly and with renewed ideas for another decade. Working with new partners but also with his old familiar troupes, he makes the scenography of several performances this period.
In the early of decade he works for the first time with the internationally renowned director George Remoundos. The reason for the involvement of the two talented graduates of the school of Reinhart will stand the play "Blood Wedding" by Lorca, which presents the troupe of Mary Vidali 'timeless' in July 1990. The next year he is working again, after years, with the National Theatre of Northern Greece for "Delistavrou and son", the success of Al. Sakellariou and Chr. Giannakopoulos. In mid 1990 he makes the scenography for the "Midsummer Night's Dream", of Shakespeare, thereby initiating a collaboration with the juvenile stage of National Theatre of Northern Greece, which will renew a year later for "The Bourgeois Gentleman" by Moliere. This period a new collaboration with the juvenile stage of Thessaloniki New Theatre is included for staging of "People and Dolls", of I.Maradei. The theatrical premiere in 1996.
In 1999, the theatrical performance "The Little Prince" of the city of Serres Regional Theatre was the epilogue in his career. With the -favourite around the world- tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Anemogiannis completes sixty years of brilliant course in scenography and salutes the magic of theater at the age of 83, just a few years ago passed away.