During this period Anemogiannis worked mostly on prose plays and less on light music theatre. He avoided variety shows, his favorite genre, since it had become oversimplified lacking the spectacular extravaganza of earlier decades. However, during the late eighties he was glad to accept an offer for the settings of "Trellada-Labada" (1989) which followed the tradition of phantasmagoric variety shows of the past.
Along with his work for the theatre Anemogiannis also worked for television. In 1982, he designed, among other works, the settings of one of the most popular shows of that period- "Take an oath, please" starring Giannis Michalopoulos, in ERT1. We should also mention "Revue Nights", a TV show presenting a selection of the best footage from variety shows of the 1960-1980 period. Although Anemogiannis was not pleased by the result, since TV did not make his work any justice, the remaining footage at the archive of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) provides us with a taste of the ‘golden era of variety shows'.
Apart from his work on costumes and settings, Anemogiannis was also working on a retrospective exhibition that was held at the "Kennedy Hall" of the Hellenic American Union, in 1986. He presented his total works and during the ten days that the exhibition lasted it managed to attract some of the most influential people in the field of arts. Anemogiannis received an honorary diploma and a medal from the Union of Greek Theatrical Technicians of which he was a member. He was also a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts (EETE).