From the sixties' films Anemogiannis moved to TV productions. His name appeared on the small screen for the first time in 1978, when he started working for the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) on the show "The Monday Play" that presented plays adapted for TV. Anemogiannis designed the settings for many of these plays until the early eighties.
However, theatre was always in the spotlight for Anemogiannis, who then started designing the settings for works of Nikos Kazantzakis. He started with "The adolescent" that was presented by the Crete Theatre Company in the Koule plateau, Heraklion, in 1977. The following year, within the framework of the Athens Festival, he designed the costumes and settings of "Buddha"- that made its international premiere- for the National Theatre directed by Alexis Solomos, starring Mary Aroni, Stelios Wacovic, and Thanos Aronis in the title role.
As far as light music theatre was concerned, Anemogiannis continued being committed to variety shows even in the late seventies, when he had to adapt to the new reality that was not his cup of tea. The rich and colorful spectacles with costly mechanisms, visual effects, and impressive elaborate costumes gradually gave way to performances with more suggestive settings and leaner costumes. Watching theatre changing form and losing its former spectacular glamour Anemogiannis expressed his disappointment with the following quotation: "Simplification swept everything".