The ‘60s was a very productive period for the scenographer from Crete, since Greek theatre was flourishing. New troupes appeared every day and plays succeeded one another rapidly. Anemogiannis was working fervently designing costumes and settings for prose plays, variety shows, and musicals. He worked with many private theatre companies among which those of: Chatzichristos, Vilma Kyrou, Fotopoulos-Iliopoulos, Vougiouklaki-Papamichail, and Lambros Kostantaras-Maro Kontou. Moreover, since the beginning of the decade he also inaugurated collaboration with two of the most important artistic public institutions: National Theatre, in 1962, for the play "Carmelite dialogues", and the National Theatre of Northern Greece, a year later for "The Island of Aphrodite". The leading role in both plays was given to the great diva of Greek theatre Kyveli who played along with Thaleia Kalliga at the second play.
Despite his hard work during that period, Anemogiannis also gave cinema a try, too. However, he soon abandoned that field because he preferred the proximity of theatre. In the early sixties he collaborated with his friend and director Tzavelas for the film "Antigone" starring Irene Pappa. This award-winning film adaptation of ancient drama was the only tragedy Anemogiannis ever made in his life. After that Anemogiannis made only a handful of movies among which "Welcome dollar" (1967) that is worth mentioning since it was the first color film in Greek cinema.