The beginning of George Anemogiannis' brilliant career in theatre was made possible thanks to Marika Kotpouli, with whom he worked from his first steps until the death of the latter in 1954. The reason for their cooperation was Anemogiannis' scenography exhibition at Stratigopoulos Hall in 1939. Its impact reached the ‘grande dame' of Greek theatre, who after hearing about the great talent of the budding scenographer rushed to hire him for the settings of her plays.
Until the middle of the ‘40s Anemogiannis was exclusively working for the Kotopouli theatre company in Rex Theatre. His first major professional success was staged there. It was his first job in 1940. The name of the play was "Mr Perisson's trip" and Anemogiannis innovated being the first scenographer in Greece to make a change of scenery on a rotary stage with open curtain. During the period of German Occupation he worked intensively on plays of prose and musicals, though his most distinctive projects were the music comedies staged at Rex Theatre after his suggestion. The audience of Athens loved them and the bright-colored settings with a plethora of impressive visual effects received enthusiastic reviews.
After Liberation he started working for the first time with other theatre companies. Thus, in 1945 he started working for the National Opera. This cooperation lasted until the early 50s. At the same time he established the short-lived theatrical company "Mousouris-Morntos-Anemogiannis' that ceased to exist in 1946. In the meanwhile, he worked on two variety shows with Evangelides.